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French Schools

Many people want to learn how to speak French. However most people do not know where to start. Should I get a tutor? Should I buy some books? Should I go to a night class? Are there any French schools? These are all valid questions which may pass through your mind at some point if you are wanting to learn any language. Obviously different approaches have different results as it all depends on the individual however I am going to have a look at what works best for everyone. Having studied French to a high level I am aware of what to look for in a French course and what is most likely to be of the greatest benefit to anyone wanting to learn the language.

 A couple of years ago I tried my hand at tutoring. I knew I was very competent in the languages field having also studied German and thought that being a language tutor would be a simple task to make me some extra money whilst I was studying at University. How wrong I was. I received my first booking after about 7 day's worth of advertising my services through different mediums. What I can tell you is it is actually a lot more difficult to personally teach beginners to learn French from scratch unless you have a wealth of experience which can back you up. I unfortunately didn't have this and whilst I managed to get through the hour feeling that I added some real value it was a very laborious task.

 From studying and attempting to teach the language I can truly attest to French being one of the most difficult languages you could choose to learn, particularly when you reach a certain point in the grammar and tenses. What I realized when I was studying French was that the grammar unlike German carries on continuously. This is the reason why the language can become very difficult unless you travel to France itself and live there for a few months and if possible longer even studying at one of the many French schools in the country. Obviously this can't be done for the majority of people learning the language so there has to be a better alternative. Well I have been actively looking for products and services alike that could service not only beginners in learning and comprehending the French language but also intermediates and experts. Even tutors and teachers of the language need to use a dictionary every so often as not all vocabulary can be known.

 After a good few weeks of researching products and different services and even French schools I discovered an excellent product called Rocket French which allows you to learn French in the comfort of your own home whilst having fun using the product. It is perfect for all ranges of people learning French; especially beginners, and uses unique methods to help you learn words and phrases and specifically enables you to be able to hold full conversations in French as if it just came naturally. One particular feature I thought was brilliant was the fact that you are able to use the course on your I pod or MP3 player which is a huge bonus. There are interactive courses and games which you can play to make the learning process really enjoyable. I found the whole program so easy to use and have even recommended it to tutors that I know and people I know wanting to learn French. Why not pop over and have a look: http://tinyurl.com/47zhzbl

 What gave me further confidence in the product was the fantastic reviews that the product was getting and a massive 97% rated the product excellent value for money. Madame Riviere has certainly created a product which adds outstanding value to anyone wanting to learn the French language and not wanting to hand over massive amounts of cash to learn the language in French schools or using tutors. As a keen linguist and French enthusiast I would 100% recommend this product if you want to learn a second language.

 I would be delighted to hear from anyone who gets the product to let me know what you think of it and how it has helped you.

  Thank you for reading!

 P.S. Here is the link again in case you missed it: http://tinyurl.com/47zhzbl 

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